(The following is a sampling of work presented during the Show & Share and Presentation portions of our monthly meetings over the course of 2016.  To see what we’re up to more recently, please visit us at summitscribes.blogspot.com.)



A few examples of work done in Cecelia’s class for Show & Share….

Kimmi's brush work from Cecelia's class

Kimmi’s brush work

Karen S's brushed canvas piece

Karen S’s brushwork on canvas


TJ's brushwork on canvas

TJ’s brushwork on canvas

Leslie's brushwork on canvas

Leslie’s brushwork on canvas

Cecelia's Discovery

Cecelia’s Discovery

Karen W. is a certified Zentangle Instructor.  She showed us new and funky ways to doodle!

New Zentangle Frame!

New Zentangle Frame!

January Zentangles

January Zentangles…..

Jan 2016 Zentangles



Some pics from our Show & Share time…..

Betsy's Italic

Betsy’s Italic

Deb's Lasered Leather

Deb’s Lasered Leather

Cecelia's fun fabric

Cecelia’s fun fabric

Leslie's Zentangle Windows

Leslie’s Zentangle Windows

Leslie's Zentangle Windows 2


Some examples Cheryl brought for her presentation of White on Black

Cheryl's Flowers

Cheryl’s Flowers

Cheryl's B

Cheryl’s B


Cheryl's Life

Cheryl’s Life








Cheryl's White on Black

Cheryl’s White on Black



Samples from our Show & Share at our March 2016 meeting


Leslie’s White on Black




Kimmi’s Damn This Traffic Jam

Kathie H

Kathie’s Irish Blessing


Kimmi’s wild italic




Aaron’s stitched envelope letter

Karen S

Karen’s wild italic


Carole’s white on black





Leslie’s “Life”

Karen S-3

Kare’s italic from Cecelia’s class


Carole’s black on black







Kimmi’s white on black

Book Review

Copperplate Book Review


Cheryl's "New Mercies"

Cheryl’s “New Mercies”

Cheryl's folding star book

Cheryl’s folding star book

TJ's Feathered friends

TJ’s Feathered Friends


Cheryl's "This Sharing Business"

Cheryl’s “This Sharing Business”

Cheryl's Illuminated C

Cheryl’s Illuminated C




Cheryl's John Keats quote

Cheryl’s John Keats quote

Cecelia's fabric design

Cecelia’s fabric desig

TJ's magnetic bookmark samples

TJ’s magnetic bookmark samples



Aaron's Ruler Book

Aaron’s Ruler Book

Aaron's long stitch books

Aaron’s long stitch books

Aaron's Gift Bag Book

Aaron’s Gift Bag Book


Aaron's Tie Book

Aaron’s Men’s Tie Book

Aaron's Japanese stab stitch

Aaron’s Japanese stab stitch









Kimmi's Cards

Kimmi’s Cards

Kathy's Cards

Kathy’s Cards

TJ's Cards

TJ’s Cards


Cheryl's Biblical Journaling entry

Cheryl’s Biblical Journaling entry

Kimmi's Illuminated I

Kimmi’s Illuminated I

Kimmi's Illuminated O

Kimmi’s Illuminated O

Kimmi's A

Kimmi’s A

Cheryl's Illuminated Letters

Cheryl’s Illuminated Letters

Mary's Zen E

Mary’s Zen E

12 year old Madeline's acrylic painting

12 year old Madeline’s acrylic painting





Kimmi's G

Kimmi’s G

Kim's Simple Case Binding

Kim’s Simple Case Binding

Kim's cover for Chinese Thread Book

Kim’s cover for her Chinese Thread Book




Kim's Chinese Thread Book

Kim’s Chinese Thread Book


Kathy presented and reviewed Roman Uncials for our evening demonstration.  She brought several handouts and original examples of work she’s done in Uncial.

Kathy's title handout

Kathy’s title handout

Kathy's Uncial

Kathy’s Uncial





Kathy's Art

Kathy’s Art










From our meeting on June 14, 2016

We did a Round Robin featuring modern uses of Uncial

Margie's Cat Shrine

Margie’s Cat Shrine

Tom's Photo Art

Tom’s Photo Art

Reversed Window Art

Deb & Kimmi’s reversed Window Art

Cheryl's print examples of Art and Dance

Cheryl’s print examples of Art and Dance





Deb's Illuminated Uncial A

Deb’s Illuminated Uncial A

Deb's Illuminated Uncial

Deb’s Illuminated Uncial

Deb's Butterflies

Deb’s Butterflies

Deb's Bleached Uncials

Deb’s Bleached Uncials

Cheryl's "C"

Cheryl’s Bleached “C”

TJ's Uncial DOG

TJ’s Uncial DOG

TJ's Uncial CATS

TJ’s Uncial CATS

Candy’s Brushed Uncial





Cecelia’s Folded Pen Presentation


TJ’s Show and Share of Ben Shahn’s work











(Our Annual Picnic was at Cheryl’s house)


One of Cecelia's pieces in the series for Heritage Gardens

One of Cecelia’s pieces in the series for Heritage Gardens…several more to follow


One in the series for Heritage Garden


Cheryl's Prints

Cheryl’s Prints

Kathy's recent work

Kathy’s recent work

Kim Hetherington taught us how to cut sheets of paper into sections, fold a front and back cover, and stitch them together to create our own book!  We worked for 2 hours straight and beat the 6th grade class in doing so!

Kim teaching us the French Link Stitch

Kim teaching us the French Link Stitch






For our October meeting, we had a Round Robin card making feast!  Sherry had us making envelopes form a variety of templates and decorating them at a second table.  Leslie used small orange ink pads and black microns to make the cutest pumpkins for her card and Candy had us tearing strips of paper and staying the edges with ink pads to create bandages for our BOO! card complete with google eyes!  Carole was had packets all ready for us to dive in to create her snow scene card with a bit of watercolor and a stamped image of black trees.  Everyone loved the variety and ability to take several things home.


Sherry’s envelope-front


Sherry’s Envelope-back

Leslie’s Pumpkin Card

Candy’s BOO! Card


Carole’s Snow Card










Decorating envelopes at Sherry’s table

Kim’s batiked box

Kim’s Dos Rapporte binding

Marbled paper inside of Kim’s Dos Rapporte bound book

Carole’s Botanical Sketch

Kathy’s Neuland

Neuland Exemplar

Kim’s batiked papers

Kimmi’s Journal










Our annual Christmas Party was held at Leslie’s where we had our traditional card exchange!  Leslie carefully brought her collection of past Christmas cards to light and had them handsomely displayed around the entrance and dining area.  Thank you, Leslie!